• Swimable Ponds
    Considering the variety of artificial swimming pools available today, it's a wonder people still bother digging an old-fashioned swimming hole. Yet even with advances in structural materials and filtration systems, and despite the advent of solar covers, above-ground designs, lap pools, and hot tubs, many folks still prefer a dug pond. Why? It boils down to three basics: value, aesthetics, and pleasure.

  • Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting
    Our (certified Illuminologists) designers can choose from the entire line of Touchstone Pro landscape lighting products to enhance your outdoor experience.

  • Crossings
    Crossing the water can add excitement and magic to the water-garden experience. Bridges, logs and stepping stones invite us to explore and enjoy the waterscape.


Jean and Paul

have very busy lives and sought a place to enjoy both their family and their Koi.  In a relatively compact front yard space, we created a deck over the water with a stunning pergola and gas fireplace.

 Charlie had been a very active outdoorsman, but because of limited mobility our design goal was to bring nature closer to Charlie. For example, we created a deep-water fish feeding point, near their existing patio.

 Susan and Richard's
This delightful pond replace a large LP tank in the center of their backyard.Susan told me she saved for two years this. You don't have to be a rock star. Susan has since had us back to double the size of her pond and add a natural stone crossing and stream.

Judy and Ray's Elephant Pond is one of our "Personalized Ponds." Our clients, had a great collection of elephant images from around the world. Our goal was to use her theme without being obvious or unnatural. The space was quite limited. They have an enchanting home and garden - recipients of a Best Residential Landscape Award in Rochester 2003.

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